Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
Commodore's Corner
Please click on the link below for some information on the history of our club.
History of the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
A warm Welcome to our returning and new members!  Many of
our members are already hard at work getting ready  for the
upcoming season, making plans for social events, preparing
and repairing and improving our Club for the enjoyment of all.  
Be sure to watch the Anchorline and emails for important
notices as the summer approaches.

Sadly, we enter the 2018 season with the recent passing of two
beloved members on our minds - longtime member and Dock
Master, Dave Grant,  and  Tammy Kelley.  Tammy was never
anything but exuberant about coming to the PVYC.  Many of
you will remember her sitting in a chair by the riverbank,
reading a favorite book and relaxing in the sun.  She loved this
place and loved socializing with the friends she made here.  
Dave was a true friend to many, and a real cornerstone of the
club.  He brought strong leadership and his wonderful sense of
humor to the PVYC. Dave and Tammy will be sorely missed.   
Keep your eye out for a feature about Dave in the Anchorline,  
as well as a date for a gathering to honor his legacy at the
PVYC where we will tell stories and celebrate the friendships
we had with him.

Before you know it, the PVYC will be in full swing again!   My
hope is that the club will once again provide our members a
special place to gather and enjoy  friendships old and new, and
enjoy our time as stewards of this wonderful place founded
over 60 years ago.   The founding members cleared the land
and constructed the clubhouse with member volunteer labor.   
We carry on that tradition of member hands on labor and
involvement in all phases of the operations of the club.   We
have a purpose , well stated in our by-laws, to   "Encourage the
sport of boating and yachting, in all its aspects, to develop
good sportsmanship, entertainment, cultural and social events
of  related natures, encourage and develop athletics, swimming
and other related activities; to develop and promote friendship,
fellowship, social activities, both indoors and outdoors,
individually and otherwise; to acquire, develop and maintain a
clubhouse, swimming pool, athletic grounds, picnic areas, and
docks and moorings for the use and recreation of all its

With that purpose in mind, let’s enjoy the beautiful river and all
the club has to offer, work hard, and savor our time as friends
and custodians of this wonderful place.  I look forward to a
great season this year!

John Dalsey, Commodore, PVYC