Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
Commodore's Corner
Please click on the link below for some information on the history of our club.
History of the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
As I started writing this message a couple of weeks ago, I was
stuck at home at the height of winter storm Stella.  My first
thought was not the warmth of spring, but how nice it is to sit in
the clubhouse by our Better n Ben’s wood stove and enjoy the
beauty of the river and the snow covered grounds. We are
indeed fortunate to have access to the clubhouse year around.  
We owe many thanks to member Paul Gentile for his plowing
service, and to John Mientus for clearing the sidewalks and
stocking the firewood in the back room!  Now it’s spring, and
this Saturday the dock crew will begin its yearly chore of
inspecting each and every component of the dock system and
making all the necessary repairs and replacements in advance
of dock day in May.  

The PVYC board meets on the second Monday of every month
at 7:00 p.m. at the clubhouse.   Members are welcome to
attend and observe.  If you have a matter you wish to have the
board consider, please write to me in advance of the meeting.  
Prominent on the agenda this year is our application to amend
our dock license with the Mass. DEP to give us more flexibility
to reconfigure our docks.  Our current license was granted in
1996 as what was known as an “amnesty license.  The
amnesty license is not renewable and will expire in about 60
years.  During its term, no changes can be made to the dock
structures without going through the application to amend
process we have started.  If the application is approved, we will
be awarded a modern dock license with privileges to change
our dock structures and layout without going through this
expensive regulatory process.   The downside of going forward
is that we have to show DEP a plan that brings our dock
structures to within a 25’ set back from our property lines.  To
do that, we will have to relocate certain slips on the ends of the
south and north docks.  There will be no changes to the dock
structures or slip assignments this season.  In anticipation of
potential change for the 2018 season, the assignment of any
new slips that open up for this season will be temporary and for
this season only.  

As many of you know, I held a special meeting on Monday,
March 27th, 2017 to discuss the potential changes to the dock
structure and potential relocation of certain slips and rowing
dock.   I thank the  many members who took the time out of
their busy schedules to attend that meeting and give the board  
their support and feedback.  Following the meeting, the PVYC
board decided to suspend the application process for a period
of time to give us a chance to refine a dock structure plan
before going forward. We want to be able to show all those
affected by the process where their proposed  new slips will be,
and to make sure that the changes will also provide for a
rowing /canoe/kayak dock that is practical.  Hopefully, we can
achieve those goals and have everyone’s support before going
forward.  I am very appreciative of board members Ed Weagle,
Dave Grant and dock master Keith Gibbings for their volunteer
time and involvement in the application process.  

On other important matters, our planning committee
recommends capital improvements to the sidewalks and
pavilion  patio area.  The PVYC will be soliciting bids for the
work. Vana Nespor and Al Whitehouse , Sailing Committee co-
chairs ,are planning a sailing program this year that will bring
new opportunities for members to learn about and experience
sailing on the river for pleasure in addition to the race regattas.
Keep your eye on the Anchor Line for more information on
these and other topics.  Again, I welcome members to contact
me to share your ideas about improvements to the operations
and  facilities at the club. (

John Dalsey, Commodore