Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River

This information has been excerpted from an article
covering the PVYC's 50th anniversary in June 2005 which
in turn was culled from old issues of the “Anchor Line” as
well as conversations with some of the “Founders."

The origins of the PVYC go back to the early 1950's with
the club formally organizing in 1955. Early records talk
about back-breaking weekends spent “clearing the land."
Finally, after a lot of hard work, the clubhouse was in place
and after a few formative years, the pool and poolhouse
were added in the early 1960's.

A review of the club records show that the mid 1980's
marked a major shift in the interests of new members.  
According to an article in the Springfield Newspaper about
the PVYC's 30th anniversary celebration in 1985, the club
was founded primarily by “Power Boaters." Back then, you
could go from the PVYC right through the Windsor Locks
and down to the Sound!  When the Locks and the Enfield
Dam fell into disrepair (coupled with an increase in gas
prices in the 80’s), interest in power boating fell way off
along with the membership rolls. Long gone were the
banner early years of the '60's when almost 100 members
belonged to the club. Things looked a bit uncertain, until a
new group of boaters arrived who weren’t bothered by the
inability to navigate long distances on the river or by high
gas prices – the sailors!

Today, with 130+ members, the club is more active than
ever before. With a busy social calendar and a broad
variety of “boaters” - power, sail, canoe, kayak, pontoon,
and rowing shells, members are enjoying the river and our
club facilities in record numbers again.
The History of the PVYC