Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
2019 PVYC Officers, Board of
Governors and Committee Chairs
Commodore:  John Dalsey
Vice Commodore:  Mary Breeding
Rear Commodore:  Lou Kornet
Secretary:  Linda Betley
Treasurer:  Jim Ketcham
Controller:  Ed Weagle
Fleet Safety Officer: Bob Hager
Fleet Captain: Jim McCoy
Fleet Surgeon: Bob Stromberg

Board of Governors
Bud Breeding
Mike Houff
Sandi Knoll
Paul Lewis
Jim McCoy
Mike Paulson
Bob Stromberg
Al Whitehouse

Judith Danek
Bea Fabian
Keith Gibbings
Committee Chairs
Boatyard:  John Dalsey
Docks:  Keith Gibbings and Jim McCoy
Grounds:  Mike and Laurie Houff
House: Sandi Knoll
Membership:  Linda Abrams
Pool:  Bud and Mary Breeding
Race:  Vana Nespor
Social:  Linda Betley