Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
Commodore's Corner
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History of the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
July, 2020

Our last PVYC Board meeting was in March and much has
happened since that meeting.

The state of the PVYC has never been stronger.  We have
weathered the storm of the unknown and have resurfaced a
stronger more resilient organization.

John Dalsey handed off the gavel to me in January and hoped
that my days ahead would be smooth sailing with no floating
bodies showing up on our shores…little did we know that we
would be facing a pandemic that would interrupt our lives, our
jobs and our health.  We have come through so far but we are
not yet on steady ground.

Through these past months, the Executive Committee (EC) met
on several occasions to continue the work of the club.   We
kept the membership informed with optimism and safety.  We
followed the state guidelines and opened up little by little which
so far has worked well.

Today, our members are enjoying the beautiful grounds,
awesome summer days, the kids are having a great time in the
pool, we had a successful July 4th and will soon have our Fish
Bake and first live music event.

it was our good fortune to fill our quota with 21 new
memberships, many of whom came to the new member meeting.

i want to thank the EC for their dedication: Mary Breeding, John
Dalsey, Lou Kornet, Ed Weagle, and Jim Ketcham.

I want to recognize the work of the Dock Committee under the
direction of Keith Gibbings for getting the docks ready and in
on time.  Thank you to John Dalsey for assuming the vacancy
of Dock Chair after Keith resigned.

Thank you to LeAnne McQuade for the work of the Grounds
Committee and the beautification with all of the flowers around
the property.

Thank you to Sandi Knoll, Chair of the House Committee, for
coordinating the stripping and waxing of the club house floors.

And last, but not least, thank you to all of our members for
observing social distancing, wearing their masks, and
participating fully in the life of the club.

Linda Betley, Commodore