Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
Our hidden gem on the
beautiful Connecticut River
Commodore's Corner
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History of the Pioneer Valley Yacht Club
February/March 2021

Warm greetings to all my PVYC friends,

After many cold winter days and early dark nights, it is time to
look forward to another season at our beloved club.  The
pandemic continues to cast the same shadow that it did a year
ago, but today I can say that I am looking at the bright side of
everything we have been through.  We managed to have a
better than average season last year despite all the challenges
of social distancing and following CDC guidelines.  We
managed to have socialization of a new kind because everyone
was willing to follow the rules.  Since December, Zoom board
meetings have become normal, small gatherings outdoors have
replaced indoors, and the fire pit has become our new
gathering place.  In February, we managed to come together to
raise money towards the River Lights Project.  I am very proud
to be your Commodore for the coming year and hope you can
share in my optimism for a great year ahead.

I wish to welcome our new Anchor Line publisher Kerri Kane
who has taken over the reins from Judith Danek who did an
amazing job over the years.

Welcome to Pam Low, the new Grounds Committee Chair,
whose work on the grounds committee last year was
appreciated by all those who saw her planting shrubs and
flowers during the hot summer days.

Thank You to our “winter warriors”, Ricky Bontempo and Paul
and Sam Gentile for keeping the walkways and parking lot free
of snow and ice.  The pathway to the wood shed has been
especially appreciated by our fire pit lovers.

A special Thank You to Vana Nespor and Paul Markowski for
heading up the Auction.  It was a huge success and we could
not have done it without you both!  Thank You also to Mary
Breeding for the many emails and coordinating the Auction
once it was completed.

Finally, thank you to Linda Abrams our Membership Chair for all
your work getting our newest members onboard.  We are all
looking forward to meeting our newest members and helping
make this a memorable first season.

Let’s all look ahead towards spring!

Linda Betley, Commodore